FIR1300 is the Val6 Series’ Far-Infrared heater. With safer and deeper heat penetration with less intensity, Val6 can be used in a wider range of environments than ever before.

By tuning the frequency of infrared-radiation specifically to our bodies and surroundings, FIR1300 is the most efficient, “people friendly” Val6 ever.

FIR1300 features a closed-flame design that makes the heater suitable for indoor envioments, Supplemented with a clean exhaust and low noise design that allows for quiet operation in any enviroment.

A built-in thermostat keeps the space at the perfect comfortable temperature all the time.

Recommended Uses


Event Sites


Store Lobbies


Restaurant Patios


Factories & Warehouses


Outdoor dining


Tent Parties

Product Specs and Downloads

Heat Output

52,000 BTU/hr

Fuel Type

Kerosene or Fuel-Oil no heavier than No.2 (Diesel)

Fuel Consumption

0.32 gal/hr

Tank Capacity

8 Gallons

Operating Time

21-22 Hours

Power Source

AC 120V 60Hz

Power Consumption

In ignition: 70W
In burning: 50W

Noise Level

50dB (a)

External Dimensions

36.2 x 12.6 x 45.3 in


Flame monitor
Overheat prevention
Over-current shorting
Motor overhead prevention
Tip-over switch
Motor rotation detection