The features of the KBE5L, mixed with the size and the price, make it the best all-round heater. Portable, like the rest, via the power inverter from your vehicle. Burning each: Kerosene, #1 and #2 diesel, bio-diesel (20%) cleanly and efficiently. The VAL6 KBE5L is a radiant-only heater, meaning you won’t have a whirlwind of dust blowing around your workspace. It has the extra fuel-reclamation exhaust visor, a high/low switch for added control, and a fuel pre-heater built in. Throw in the 15 gallon tank, and the minimal 0.75 gal/hr intake on low, and 0.9 gal/hr on high, makes the KBE5L the most popular model to date.

The KBE5L is so efficient that there is a 100% recovery of heat from the fuel burnt, as well as no smell, burning eyes, headaches, nausea, or carbon monoxide to worry about.

Recommended Uses

All over the construction site – especially insulation installs. (Heating the room up really gets your money’s worth out of foam insulation!) A gelled up tractor or a baby calf that has a chill on the farm or ranch is well taken care of with the KBE5L. Larger garages and shops are best friends with this diesel-fired heater. Consider these applications:


Construction Sites


Applying Insulation


Emergency Houses


On The Ranch


Around the Farm


Water Damage Restoration


Machine Repair Shops


Personal Workshops

Product Specs and Downloads

Heat Output

100,000 BTU [LOW]
118,000 BTU [HIGH]

Heat Type(s)


Fuel Type

#1 Diesel
#2 Diesel
Bio-Diesel (20%)

Fuel Consumption

0.75 gal/hr [Low]
0.90 gal/hr [High]

Tank Capacity

15 Gallons

Operating Time

20 Hours [Low]
16.5 Hours [High]

Power Source


Power Consumption

96W-Operation [Low]
97W-Operation [High]

Noise Level

71dB (a) [Low]
72dB (a) [High]

External Dimensions

36.3 x 28.0 x 29.2 in

Dry Weight

92.6 lbs

3A Fuse
Overheat Protection
Exhaust Visor
Photocell Flame Monitor
Fuel Pre-Heater
Tip-Over Switch
Internal Thermostat